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Decision Day May 1st, Pledge your collegiance!

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Show your Saluki excitement!

Share your collegiance decision with your friends and family on social media! National College Decision Day is May 1st, and we encourage you to post your collegiance pledge. By posting between April 19, 2021 through May 1, 2021, you will get a chance to be featured on the SIU Admissions social media pages and win some SIU gear! Read below to see how!

Step 1

Follow and tag our social media accounts in your posts!

Facebook SIUC Admissions

Instagram @siucadmissions


Step 2

Use the following hashtags:




Step 3

Get creative! Feel free to add images and videos to make your post stand out!


To be entered, profiles must be set to public. If your profile is private, send a screenshot of your post in a direct message to one of the accounts listed to be entered.

Posts are encouraged to be submitted by May 1st.

If you are featured, you will be contacted by a direct message so you can receive your free SIU gear!