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mobile dawg tablet initiative

Mobile Dawg Tablet Initiative

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Innovation.  Technology.  All of the tools our students need to succeed.  That’s what SIU offers.  We call it Mobile Dawg.

We have some exciting news to share with you!  SIU Carbondale is one of the first Tier One public research institutions to launch a campus-wide digital initiative, providing every new freshman with a new, fully loaded Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet and snap in keyboard.  The  Mobile Dawg Tablet initiative  will give you access to all of your favorite digital resources – e-texts, Skype, YouTube, and Facebook – on the go, all over campus. Many of your professors will incorporate the tablet into your class curriculum to give you a state-of-the-art learning experience. Our Mobile Dawg Tablet Initiative is just one of many exciting changes coming to SIU; we hope you’ll be here to take advantage of them all. Here’s a glimpse into how it will integrate with SIU’s digital campus: 

A revolutionary learning tool

These powerful, versatile tablets incorporate the latest technology into daily life both in and out of the classroom.  Running Windows 8, the tablets offer e-textbooks, unique mobile apps, Microsoft Office software, wireless connectivity, wireless videoconferencing and much more.  It brings a whole new college experience to your fingertips!

Multitudes of Uses

Mobile Dawg will revolutionize every aspect of your campus experience – from academics to student life to administrative services.

This cutting-edge technology:

•  Wireless access to software, apps, e-books, multimedia content and an assortment of student services including SalukiNet.

•  Increases your communication and interaction with faculty and peers.

•  Enhances your entire student experience by connecting you to residential life, dining, athletics, events and activities, campus safety and other assorted interactive features.  You can even see when there’s a dryer available in the laundry room.

Portable and accessible

The tablets are small and lightweight so you can take them anywhere, assuring ready access to all of your favorite digital resources no matter where you are.  You can even dock the tablets, thus transforming them into your main desktop computer. 


The cost of e-textbooks is a fraction of the cost for print texts costs so you will realize a significant cost-savings.

SIU’s groundbreaking Mobile Dawg technology – another great way we put big things within reach for you!

Freshman application deadlines

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Apply by May 1 to
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