Shawnee Community College

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We have a service center right on the Shawnee Community College campus. Visit the SIU Service Center at Shawnee Community College to:

  • Get assistance completing the application process.
  • Learn about academic and student support services available at SIU.
  • Discuss your options to transfer from Shawnee Community College.
  • Determine what enrollment steps are necessary and learn how to complete them.
  • Find out about upcoming SIU events on campus and in Carbondale.
  • Receive a transfer plan by joining the Dual Admission Program.

Contact: Amanda Doepke or 618-713-4852

Office Location: Shawnee Community College Main Campus
Office Hours:  Wednesday and first and third Thursdays of the month 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Undergraduate Admissions:

Available to assist you with all aspects of admission for transfer students.
Phone: 618/536-4405

Articulation and Evaluation:

Available to answer questions about transfer credit.
Phone: 618/453-2012