Freshman Admission Requirements

Freshman Admission Requirements

Freshman Admission Requirements

To be admitted, freshmen applicants must:

  • Have graduated from high school before beginning classes at SIU. Exceptions are made for students participating in our High School Concurrent Enrollment program and for those who have earned the G.E.D.
  • Meet high school course pattern requirements.
  • Meet certain criteria based primarily on high school core grade point average, ACT or SAT score and course subject pattern. (The holistic review process also considers ACT or SAT subscores, high school rank, improvements in high school GPA from year to year, letters of recommendation, participation in service or extracurricular activities and extenuating circumstances.)”
  • Meet transfer requirements if college-level work has been taken after high school graduation.

Additional Requirements

An additional step or screening process is required for certain programs. Requirements for direct entry into some programs exceed university admission requirements. Please be sure to read the Special Conditions section.

If you have completed less than 26 semester hours or 39 quarter hours of transferable college credit, you must apply as a freshman. Send, in addition to official college transcripts, your ACT or SAT scores and an official high school transcript that includes your class rank. You must, in this case, meet both freshman and transfer (2.0 GPA on 4.0 scale for all transferable work) requirements.

Freshman application deadlines

Apply by December 1
to enroll Spring 2016

Apply by May 1
to enroll Summer 2016

Apply by May 1  
to enroll Fall 2016