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How To Apply

How to Apply

Now that you’ve seen what big things are within reach for you at SIU, it’s time to apply. We’ll walk you through the process whether you’re applying as a high school student, transfer student, or international student. Maybe you’re applying as a special case: a veteran, a non-degree student, or a former Saluki returning after some time off. If you’re curious about the world we live in and want to be a part of it, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale welcomes you.

Please Note: All applicants are encouraged to apply for admission and submit supporting documents one year in advance of the semester in which they intend to enroll.  SIU Carbondale has a preferred application deadline of May 1 for freshman applicants. Any applications received after May 1 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Freshman students wishing to apply for the Fall 2016 semester are encouraged to apply for admission and submit supporting documents by December 1.

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Freshman Application Deadlines

Apply by Dec 1 to enroll Spring 2016

Apply by May 1 to enroll Summer or Fall 2016

Financial Aid

Complete and submit your FAFSA form any time after January 1 for the following academic year. The priority deadline is February 15.

February 1 is the deadline for most campus-based scholarships

Private scholarships have their own timeframes.


I don’t think I can afford college.

You’re not alone. However, 79% of current SIU students receive some type of financial aid to make college a reality.

Going Places

Reap what you sow

"I took advantage of the extras that make a resume stand out—student council, Alpha Kappa Psi, American Marketing Association, internships—and networked with other campus leaders. So at graduation, a marketing career was waiting for me at John Deere.”

~Allison Niendek '08

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For the love of the game

"I wouldn’t be the sports reporter at WSIL-TV without my experience on River Region Evening Edition. SIU taught me to jump in and get your hands dirty to really learn the craft. I practiced how to put together a story and correctly shoot the camera. Now I’m nostalgic when I cover Saluki Athletics.”

~Bret Beherns '10

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Tough love

“SIU made it easy for me to earn my degree through an off-campus military program. I remember one teacher in particular: Mrs. Thiesse. She was intimidating and tough at first. But now I have confidence when I write or present, which is essential in pharmaceutical sales.”

~Amber Menninger '06
Healthcare Management

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Return on investment

“Every day at Deloitte and Touche, I draw on what I learned in my undergrad and masters programs at SIU. Beyond knowledge specific to my field, I have the leadership skills and drive to make informed decisions. I believe my mentors and faculty instilled that in me.”

~Fresnel Houecande '08, '10

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Success by design

“When I was at SIU, I had an idea to help students swap their used textbooks—without cost. Professors connected me to the right resources to bring my idea to life. Now I’ve launched my own website.”

~Patrick Wells '08
Graphic Design